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Numerous extremely precise adjustments for a complex part

In 2013, a client specialising in the manufacture of decking boards contacted Delta Neo as part of their search for a new decking clip supplier.

These types of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel decking clips are generally produced using large vertical stamping presses. And while these offer excellent productivity, they frequently involve a high initial investment in terms of equipment cost, often making them a deal-breaker for clients.

For a better positioning on the market with a lower equipment cost, Delta Neo’s team suggested an alternative approach to production using multiple-slide presses, which can simultaneously deform and cut the stainless steel strip.

Our multiple-slide presses meant we could offer a cutting and bending equipment cost 3 to 4 times below the standard price, which permitted the client to do business with us and to recommend Delta Neo as a supplier of such parts.

Thus created, these tools also clear the way for adjustment possibilities that complement traditional equipment, enabling us to achieve a level of precision and quality superior to conventional solutions.

From the beginning of this project and thanks to close collaboration with the client throughout development, more than 16 million clips have been produced at the La Ferté-Bernard site and have been packaged into kits by Delta Neo’s teams for sale in major DIY stores.

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