Specialising in micro-drilling and high-precision cutting, we have developed a unique process for decorating all your materials. We offer a true alternative to laser cutting to enhance your creations with a clean, burn-free finish.


Our technique relies on high-precision mechanical methods to drill your creative materials with no tooling costs or burning.

  • Digital drilling is performed using drills as small as 0.05 mm in diameter (0.05 mm increments).
  • Multiple diameters can be used on a single creation.
  • Both blind holes and through holes are possible.
  • For through holes, the maximum material thickness is 7 mm.

Halftone image

We have developed screening software that enables us to create a halftone effect via drilling based on black and white or colour visuals. The only stipulation is that the image must be high resolution.

Digital cutting

Digital cutting is performed using milling cutters as small as 0.5 mm in diameter.

  • The minimum cutting width is 0.6 mm.
  • To cut fully through, the material must be no more than 5 mm thick.
  • Cut-out shapes must have tabs.
  • A PDF for approval will be sent to you before production begins.

Our accomplishments in this field


For more than 30 years, Delta Neo has been offering Micro-Drilling and Cutting for a wide range of materials. We now operate in several sectors:

  • Aeronautics, carrying out perforations primarily for acoustic purposes, but also precision machining on composites.
  • Luxury leather goods, creating predominantly decorative perforations.
  • Packaging, for which we complete both digital cutting and perforation.

Because of the process we use, we can’t leave behind any burn marks. This means we can work on any type of material worry-free.

You’ll have a single contact to speak with, Pauline Gatineau. Of course, she has a whole team supporting her from behind the scenes on a daily basis so she can offer you the right solutions for your projects.

Our standard size is 50 x 70 cm. We can easily expand those dimensions as needed. Some of our machines can accept sizes up to 1.50 x 2.50 m.

All of them! We can accept tissue paper, tracing paper, craft paper, high GSM paper and more. We can also work on paper that has been laminated, varnished, gilded or otherwise enhanced, no problem.

Notre spécialité reste le micro perçage et la découpe numérique.

Nous n’avons pas les moyens de production pour rainer, coller, assembler, etc..

En revanche, nous pouvons vous aiguiller vers certains de nos contacts qui réalisent ce type de prestations.

Yes, we offer a long list. Any type of paper, whether unfinished, printed, laminated, varnished, gilded, etc. But also leather, wood, carbon paper, brass, aluminium, plastics and so on. Our only limitation is that we have to receive the pieces flat.

Definitely! Brass, aluminium, tinplate and more. We can work with a wide variety of metals.

Naturally! We do our utmost to keep your projects as expensive as possible, without ever completing them. Just kidding. We’re always exploring ways to best combine the skills of the various parties involved in order to offer you a solution that suits your needs for the most reasonable price.

Ideally, we’d like to have a few pieces of information:

  • your quantities,
  • the format and nature of the material you’ll be providing to us,
  • your file or at least a design idea.

We’ve developed software that enables us to halftone images directly. So, all we need is an image to present you with different options for different budgets.

Absolutely! This is essential for presenting your project to your client. We have at our disposal 10 machines that are earmarked specifically for prototyping and short runs. This means we can typically have prototypes ready within 24 to 48 hours. Samples are usually free, so go for it!

This obviously varies from one project to the next, but generally only a few days are needed on our production floor.