We invent so our customers can succeed

[INNOVATION] : Innovation is often understood as the introduction of something new, which replaces the old.

From that standpoint, can we really say that Delta Neo innovates? Hard to say! Because Delta Neo offers a lot more than that. So, is it accurate to say Delta Neo innovates? We certainly don’t replace anything old. And most of the time, we go above and beyond, inventing a solution to a problem that’s gone unsolved. Usually our customers come to us because they themselves have arrived at a technical impasse.

Manufacturing a part while accommodating all the necessary technical constraints is outside the realm of possibility? There’s no way to achieve a surface finish that allows a certain function? It’s impossible to design a part from the usual material knowing that it will have to fulfil a specific function? An attractive or luxurious finish can’t be given to a piece that’s subject to considerable forces?

We live for these sorts of challenges!

For Delta Neo,
every technical challenge that comes our way is an opportunity for innovation and development.

How has Delta Neo developed this exceptional capacity for innovation?

For more than 30 years, Delta Neo has gradually diversified to ensure our long-term success. Our teams have grown in size and have developed cutting-edge capabilities with complementary activities (metal wire working, metal strip working, tribofinishing, engraving, micromachining, micro-drilling, wire harness assembly,)

And it’s precisely this wide variety of crafts that makes us strong. Because unlike others, we have the ability to draw on trade skills and transpose them or combine them with another field to devise inventive, alternative, simpler and less expensive processes that will set our customers apart. Because no one else had the know-how to weave together these very different, specialised areas of expertise. Take micro-drilling, for example, which originated in the electronics industry and with which we have worked “miracles” in the field of noise reduction in aeronautics. It wasn’t enough to just think about it, we delivered it following an extremely strict set of specifications.

To tackle technical difficulties, our teams boast a host of skills from a multitude of sectors (aeronautics, automotive, medical, luxury, …). Customers bring a wide range of technical challenges to our engineering department: weight constraints, strength, cost, finish, appearance, shape, temperature resistance, durability and so on – and our technicians always are eager to help.They know how to cleverly combine knowledge and expertise to create innovative, alternative and cost-effective processes.

This means our customers can pursue their ideas, improve their performance or introduce distinctive, original and unique products to their market. Like this exquisite bee

At Delta Neo, we invent your difference. The difference that drives your growth and sets you apart from the rest. Do you have a new challenge for us?

We Invent Your Difference