Our Expertise

We have developed a wide range of trade specialities in numerous fields.
Day in and day out, we help our clients to invent unique products or solve complex challenges.
We draw on our multitude of skills and intertwine them skilfully to bring creative, realistic and unique solutions to life.

Metal wire working

Delta Neo takes our clients’ plans and manufactures all types of highly technical connectors and metal pins using round, square or rectangular wire, with cross-sections as small as 0.2 mm, relying on our unconventional and innovative industrial processes.

Metal strip working

Delta Neo takes our clients’ plans and dedicated tools developed in-house to manufacture all types of boxes or bases by shaping metal band as thin as 0.1 mm for applications in a wide variety of industrial and luxury sectors.


With a considerable number of specialised machines at our disposal, using this finishing process, Delta Neo can achieve high-quality surface appearances and create rounded ends.


Delta Neo offers a unique micro-drilling and extremely precise routing process for both industrial and creative applications. This technology opens the door to boundless creativity and a high-quality look.


Delta Neo uses a variety of traditional and digital high-precision means to machine and shape parts to the high levels of quality demanded by different sectors of the industry.


Delta Neo applies a multitude of techniques to create marking and stamping tools for the luxury and industrial sectors.

Wire harness assembly

With our expert command of multiple techniques, Delta Neo makes all types of wiring harnesses to fulfil the requirements of our clients in such varied industrial sectors as motor vehicles, home automation, household appliances and medical equipment.