microperçage sur cuir, trous dans cuir
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Combining technologies to enhance and personalise leather like never before

Since the dawn of time, peoples have had the ability to perforate leather manually, artisanally and possibly industrially. But perfect, high-quality, cylindrical, decorative holes for carving out all manner of patterns using an effective, repeatable, efficient and odourless industrial process without leaving a trace? Now, that’s something else entirely!

Something Delta Neo was the first to put into practice by developing a new patented and trailblazing technology featuring high-precision mechanical micro-drilling for custom-ordered decoration and personalisation of any top-of-the-range material – including leather – tool-free and in infinite possible patterns.

A subtle blend of hole diameters and complex cuts, considered by some as ‘digital lace’, creates original and exceptionally detailed visual effects to the delight of prestigious names in the luxury sector. Our absolute mastery of this process gives fashion houses the chance to innovate and enhance their singular or multiple creations with great finesse and to give their imaginations free rein for exclusive styles.

With their appetite for novelty, the leading names in leather goods have the right idea and can leverage this particular savoir-faire to uniquely beautify some of their fashion accessories, luggage or even entire collections or ranges of products with holes drilled partway or completely through them. This imparts the pieces with an unrivalled and unprecedented look while wasting very little material. True excellence at work!

Having a hand in luxury à la française is a point of pride for Delta Neo’s teams.

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