Delta Neo’s relationship with electronics began with the production of semiconductors, and it then expanded with the production of PCB contacts (pins used to solder electronic components onto printed circuit boards) and frequency shield covers for electronics.

This remains the case today thanks to our expertise in metal wire and strip working, skills that Delta Neo has fully mastered.

Similarly, Delta Neo also carries out micro-drilling on printed circuit boards, relying on our significant micro-drilling experience and large inventory of specialised and dedicated machinery.

Applying our prowess in engraving/micromachining, Delta Neo produces, among other things, parts for infrared cameras for the armed forces and defence sectors.

With the takeover of ADVITIS MICRODECOLLETAGE, Delta Neo has acquired additional know-how to that of the transformation of wire by deformation, namely the possibility of producing (very) small parts and screws with a very particular design by removal of material (chips). It thus machines by micro-turning not only brass, steel, aluminum but also stainless steel wires.

With the acquisition of LASER TEAM, Delta Neo adds, to its already wide range of technologies, those of high precision, visibility and high resistance of the laser (CO2, YAG, UV, fiber, etc.) for the cutting, marking, engraving, machining, drilling and stripping of all materials (wood, plastics, glass, metal, leather, etc.). Whatever the dimensions and shapes of the supports to be worked on.

With our appetite for innovation, as a manufacturer of electronics parts, Delta Neo will rise to the occasion and find solutions to see your projects come to fruition.

Our accomplishments in this field