Faisceau électrique miniature pour caméra hépatique
Made in FrancePrototype

High-precision wiring harnesses for the medical field, born of a strong industrial network and a diverse mix of skills.

In late 2018, Delta Neo happened to be looking within our partner network for a new machine for our micromachining operations, and we were put in touch with a client in the medical industry. This company had already suffered several prototyping failures with Asian sources and hoped to find a French solution in France for assembling wiring harnesses that were very distinctive because of their extremely small size. In fact, these miniature harnesses are designed to be fitted to hepatic ultrasound devices and, in the smallest models, consist of wires with a cross-section of just 0.014 mm² crimped onto contacts that are 1 to 2 mm long and less than 1 mm wide. Manual stripping and crimping operations require the utmost finesse and precision.

The ‘French Fab’ label together with our operators’ nearly 30 years of experience in assembling all types of wiring harnesses reassured the client and convinced them to entrust this project to Delta Neo. This would be a first for our company considering the characteristics given in the specifications, but firsts are nothing new to Delta Neo!

After a few weeks and various refinements made through discussions with the client, prototypes were produced and approved.

In early 2019, dedicated production tools were manufactured in-house at Delta Neo with the assistance of our micromechanics team, and the first series were produced three months after the initial technical discussions. A great achievement!

To date, several thousand of these harnesses have been produced in this way, in some 20 technical and dimensional variants.

Despite a highly competitive international context in this line of business, opportunities for new niche markets exist for French subcontractors, who offer major advantages in terms of quality and responsiveness.

No small advantage for Delta Neo: the juxtaposition and complementarity of our different activities.

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