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Satisfying the strictest road safety requirements by inventing processes and equipment

In the late 90s, when the world’s leader in glass solutions wanted to develop an airbag igniter for the automotive industry, it was only natural that they should approach Delta Neo. For Delta Neo, the challenge lay in being able to produce competitively priced and highly technical metal parts – an assurance of the faultless reliability demanded of airbag igniters – now commonly used in our vehicles…

After our engineering department spent time studying the question, prototypes were initially produced on a semi-automatic machine. In the wake of numerous improvements to meet tight tolerances of a few hundredths of a millimetre and achieve a flawless surface finish (Ra 0.2 µm), Delta Neo, together with the engineering team, developed our own equipment to meet the client’s advanced requirements. Each year, Delta Neo supplies our client with hundreds of millions of pins at the most competitive price.

Since the beginning, Delta Neo has supplied such metal parts to companies specialising in glass-to-metal sealing, a technology based on combining a glass ring with a metal pin to produce hermetically sealed connectors or relays for very sensitive environments.

Delta Neo can produce these pins by the millions for consumer products such as diodes or in more limited quantities for connectors for the aeronautics, aerospace or mining industries.

In contrast to the expensive material removal technologies used up to that point to make these metal components, Delta Neo aimed to find affordable solutions for our clients and gained a reputation for introducing new and repeatable processes that don’t entail removal of material and that provide micron-level precision.

Ever attentive to our clients’ needs, we at Delta Neo strive constantly to improve our processes and dream up new solutions to create these increasingly technical parts and cater to a market that has gone global.

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