Backed by more than three decades of experience, Delta Neo is a key co-contractor with a reputation for excellence in the automotive sector, which accounts for more than a third of our turnover.

We offer manufacturers and equipment suppliers a large slice of our many high-precision specialities, making sure to adhere to their demanding specifications for both prototype creation and production runs :

  • Metal wire and strip working : production of micro-parts (micron-level precision and size of a few cm) such as connector pins and other pins (diode half-casing, winding pins for ABS systems, safety steering lock metal pins, airbag igniter pins – 30% of the global market), clips for headrests, car door panel retainers, starter parts, etc.
  • Tribofinishing : polishing, cleaning, deburring and brightening of all kinds of parts and springs, like those found in vacuum brake servo master cylinders, etc.
  • Engraving/micromachining : micromachining of tools for marking vehicle logos, combination control marking, die plates for wheel balancing weights, etc.
  • Micro-drilling : trim, instrument panel and cockpit decoration. Completion of noise protection, etc.
  • Harness assembly for controlling and managing electric vehicle batteries, trailer connectors, rear-view mirror controls, heating and air conditioning, steering lock, fuel pumps, equipment for locks, electric door motors and fans on buses, etc.

A member of the ID4Mobility  competitiveness cluster, Delta Neo is ready and able to handle all your automotive part machining needs using our atypical and innovative processes.

Our accomplishments in this field