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Enhancing Luxury Perfume Boxes Using an Innovative Mechanical Micro-Drilling Process

       In the early 2000s, the Japanese brand Issey Miyake sought an original design for limited-edition folding boxes for one of their famous women’s Eaux de Toilette.  The company asked one of their preferred box makers to find the original and distinguishing solution they were looking for. This box maker then imagined a simple but luxurious design, evoking both purity and weightlessness, which would appear as drops of water on white cardboard. What makes these drops of water so special is that they would be created by micro-drilling.

At the time, there were indeed some fledgling techniques for finishing such packaging in this way, but these techniques were not suitable for working with light colours because they burn the material and leave behind marks and unpleasant odours, something totally unacceptable in the world of perfumes.

Having heard that Delta Neo had mastered an innovative micro-drilling process for any type of material, it was only natural that they turned to us.

The world of luxury and fashion is characterised by atypical, exclusive requests that often drive suppliers to push their own boundaries. On the strength of challenges already conquered in this field, Delta Neo accepted the project and fine-tuned new processes that use digital files to create absolutely flawless decoration on an entirely white cardboard. A brilliant technical achievement! ! This new process is based on an original, differentiating, competitive, high-precision and never-before-seen technology: mechanical micro-drilling and routing using drill bits as small as 0.5 mm in diameter (every 0.05 mm) and milling cutters 0.5 to 0.8 mm in diameter. Exclusively by Delta Neo.

A multitude of holes of varying diameters and a play of cut-out patterns add a stunning touch to the delightfully refined packaging of Issey Miyake fragrances.

Our client, the box maker, is happy, the perfumer is happy and consumers are astonished by the elegance and sophistication of such packaging.

It was a resounding success for Delta Neo. This first opened up new horizons and rivalled the often less versatile laser, water jet and punch techniques.

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