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Impressing our clients with visual effects on prints with a unique micro-drilling process

Creative minds are ever eager to discover new effects, and the printing and packaging industries are certainly no exception.

As a provider of stand-out solutions, at Delta Neo we applied our expertise in micro-drilling to the development of an innovative process that could offer a truly new visual palette with new dimensions to explore.

By placing tiny holes of different diameters (as small as 0.05 mm) one beside the other, this new process can take a plain, black and white or printed material and transform it into a true work of art. A half-tone effect is used to reveal designs graced with a rare subtlety. An optical illusion concept offering countless creative possibilities.

It starts with a photo or design. Our engineering department will then ‘translate’ it into a required hole density. The density of microscopic holes simulates shades of grey, thus recreating an image with transparency. The results are not only surprising but graphically impressive. Uniquely implemented via graphical transformation of a design or photo, Delta Neo can apply this burn-free process to a variety of materials including greeting cards, invitations, menus, sales materials and many more, all while satisfying the highest quality standards. Combine this intricate drilling with backlighting for a spectacular result!

This innovative process has already caught the attention of a number of our clients for exclusive items in the worlds of luxury, industry and more.

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