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Delta Neo is no stranger to the world of design and décor, recognised for our ability to provide original and creative solutions that are limited only by technical feasibility.

  • Metal wire and strip working : automatic hinge pins for furnishings.
  • Micro-drilling : decorating luxury shop windows, creating POS displays, micro-perforated or cut out wall panels, perforated lampshades and candle holders. Halftone pictures. Optical illusion effects. Cushion decoration. Paper cut-outs. Stand decoration. Micro-perforated flowers. Wall covering decoration. Small leather animals. Cut-out and micro-drilled coasters – paperweights. Blind decoration. Leather trim decoration.
  • Engraving/micromachining : Production of embossing and foil stamping dies. Production of unique and unusual designer items. Polished metal boxes. Metal band for upscale ashtrays, metal pieces for exceptional games. Stamping dies. And more.

Delta Neo finishes your designer items, and we’re on hand to study any type of project with you.

Our accomplishments in this field