High-End Packaging

Whether on paper, cards, metal, wood or plastic, Delta Neo has the expertise below to produce original customisations on luxury packaging :

  • Metal wire and strip working : hinge pins for cosmetics and spirit boxes as well as all types of jewellery cases. Manufacturing studs, closures and corner guards for boxes, etc.
  • Micro-drilling : decorative holes and cut-outs for secondary packaging in perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, spirits, champagnes, vintage wines, board games, jewellery, confectionery, delicatessens, etc.
  • Engraving / micro-machining : Stamping dies – Foil stamping dies. Embossing dies – Tools for stamping press. Plastic injection moulding cavity for perfume caps, cosmetics boxes. 3D prototypes. Stamps for beautifying powder make-up, etc.

Prestigious luxury labels rely on Delta Neo, a luxury packaging decorator, to provide them with the distinctive and innovative solutions they seek to enhance their products.

Our accomplishments in this field